Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cowtown Classic Champion!

Last Saturday the team behind Rock Paper Scissors: a geek tragedy took over the Plaza Theatre in Calgary for an encore screening of the award winning documentary film and brought the spirit of RPS competition to town with the inaugural Cowtown Classic Pro-Am Championships.

After enjoying the screening the audience got down to business knocking back countless Steamwhistle beers and putting their best fist forward. The final of the fiercely contested event came down to one throw, with a textbook scissors finally launching local player Mike Peters into the annals of RPS history. Peters was crowned Calgary’s first official RPS champion, taking home the coveted trophy and the admiration of everyone in the theatre.

“This is the greatest day of my life,” said Peters, after hoisting the trophy above his head and waving to the crowd who had stayed to watch the action unfold.

On hand to officiate the event was Douglas Walker, Managing Director of the World RPS Society and one of the main subjects of McKeown’s documentary. When asked about the event, Douglas suggested that he had never seen “such natural talent” at an inaugural RPS tournament.

Get ready for 2009!

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