Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cinequest success!

Thank you everyone that came out to support the film at the San Jose Cinequest Film Festival. Great crowds and some side bar RPS action spotted here and there. Director Mike McKeown enjoyed the two screenings he attended at the beginning of the festival and was joined by Master Roshambolla for the US premiere on Feb 26th.

Thanks to all the folks from Apple for coming out and yes we don't mind saying it but FCP rocks like RPS any day. Take a look at some photos from the festival and look out for our LA screening (likely in the next 2 months) and a screening up in Whistler as well, stay tuned for this one it's going to be a fun venue! Don't forgot to spread the word, T-Shirts are back in stock and ready to fly off the shelves and as always every dollar donated goes towards getting the film to the finish line with all our legal obligations so that we can drop it on a small screen near you!

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